Director of Nursing

€45,000 - €55,000 yearly
  • The Noel Group
  • Galway, Ireland
  • 12/09/2023
Full time, Permanent Health Care Nurse

Job Description

🌟 Uniting Expertise and Empathy: Your Director of Nursing Journey in Co Galway 🌟 


Are you a passionate nursing professional with a penchant for precision and a flair for fostering compassionate care? Galway's premier healthcare institution is seeking a Director of Nursing to lead our exceptional team, bringing a dash of wit and a dose of professionalism to the forefront. 


🔍 Your Qualifications: A Symphony of Excellence 🔍 

As an orchestra conductor of nursing care, you'll need to have the perfect tune. You are a registered General Nurse, harmonizing with An Board Altranais. Your unwavering commitment to growth echoes through your continuous professional development endeavors, ensuring you're always in tune with the latest healthcare symphonies. A Management Maestro, you wield a QQI level 6 or higher qualification, orchestrating your team's success. 


🌟 Desirably Distinguished 🌟 

A Post Graduate diploma in gerontology adorns your skill set, reflecting your quest to unravel the complexities of aging and care. You're not just tech-savvy; you're IT virtuoso, lending a modern melody to traditional care practices. 


🌱 Your Experience: A Melody of Mastery 🌱 

With a minimum of three years post-graduate experience in gerontology and a duo of years at CNM level in the Care of the Older Person realm, your melody of mastery resonates powerfully. You've nurtured expertise and empathy, a harmonious blend that enriches the lives of those under your care. 


🏆 The Maestro of Management 🏆 

You're not just conducting care; you're leading a symphony. With three years wielding the baton of management or supervision in Health or Social Care, and an appropriately leveled qualification, you've honed your leadership rhythm. Your command in the realm of Health or Social Care Management sings a story of dedication and prowess. 


If you're ready to compose the future of gerontological care, guiding our team to crescendos of excellence, then join us in Galway's nursing symphony. Your legacy starts here. 


Let your application be the opening note! 


🎵 "In the heart of healthcare's melody, you'll find the Director of Nursing's key." 🎵 

KEY Competencies

Healthcare, Nursing, DON