Premium Guaranteed Terms and Conditions

We are delighted to offer a Money back Guarantee on our "Premium Guaranteed" product.


The conditions are pretty straightforward.

1. Your job description should be well written.

If the job text or title does not read well job seekers will simply not be interested and the advert will not perform well. We will offer guidance if required soon after your job is posted. No email address should be shown on job advert.

2. A good company profile page

Also in the interests of putting your 'best foot forward' job seekers nowadays want to know more about the employer. A brief and clear overview of the business is an important piece of information to present to job seekers. From here candidates can link to your web page to find out further information. Also remember to include your logo, it is an eye-catching addition that increases the likely-hood of somebody clicking on your advert.

3. Once the job advert is posted you need to share the link to the advert on your social media. This costs you nothing and helps to generate interest from your followers. There is always a chance that one of your customers/followers might be a future employee.

Terms of Refund

1. The job posting has to run for the full time period

In general, our job postings are for 60 days. Although most of the applications occur in the first few weeks, we supplement our web traffic with background social media postings scheduled over time as well as newspaper listings that run for up to two months. We will make every effort to help your advert perform well.

2. Minimum applicants

Unless agreed otherwise, the guarantee will be triggered if (a) no candidates were contacted by the employer with intention to progress their application and (b) less than 5 applicants applied for the job via our system. Please bear in mind that up to 50% of the applications will occur directly to the company and not via our site. This stems from applicants looking for more information about the company online,  by talking to the employer in person on the phone and mailing in CV's or applying directly. This is entirely natural.

3. Requesting Refund

If the job advert simply has not performed well enough bearing the above  in mind the employer has 10 working days to contact us requesting the refund. We will review the case and if all the above criteria are met we will refund the full cost of the advert within 5 working days. Some roles are particularly hard to recruit for,  and we are quite ready to refund genuine situations. Refunds are at our discretion and no 'gaming' or abuse of the offer will be entertained.