About us

Midlandjobs.ie has been growing it’s presence in the Midlands region since 2006. The service is run by Tom Griffith and Tony Palmer who are both living and working in the midlands and understand the challenges and opportunities this brings.

As of late 2023 there are over 8,000 registered users on the database, coupled with over 10,000 Social Media followers giving us an excellent connection with jobseekers looking to live and work in the Midlands. Compared to the competition,  our service is better value, delivers better candidates and we are always on hand to assist. Have a look at how we advertise our jobs

The challenge for local employers has been to connect with job-seekers who want to find work locally. Employers know that local employees are a better cultural fit, are happier in the job and are more likely to stay with the organisation longer.

On the job-seeker side there are many good candidates out there who may not be aware of the quality employment available in the Midlands. MidlandJobs aim has always been to make that connection for local employers. There are benefits to working locally such as saving money on fuel costs, increasing your free time and getting to know more people in the area.  Not only do we advertise the Jobs, we also make the effort to promote the employers thereby giving them longer term awareness and building their brand ready for the next vacancy. 

As always, our objective has been to keep the process as simple as possible for employers and jobseekers.