Labour Market Needs Test

Labour Market Needs Test

If you require an open position to be advertised to meet the Labour Market Needs Test can assist with this.

For full details about restrictions and exemptions to this we recommend you consult with the official documentation on work permits. Further information can he viewed at the Dept. Enterprise Trade and Employment.

The main requirements to obtain exemptions are:

Employers must show that they have tried to fill the vacancy with an Irish or EEA citizen. They do this by advertising the job in Ireland and within the EU for a reasonable period. If they cannot find a suitable candidate for the job then the employer can recruit a worker that needs an employment permit. This is called a Labour Market Needs Test.

The employment permit applicant must prove that a Labour Market Needs Test has been carried out.

The employer must advertise the vacancy in all of the following:

  • The Department of Social Protection (DSP) and European Employment Services (EURES) for at least 4 weeks
  • A national newspaper for at least 3 days
  • A local newspaper or a jobs website (in addition to DSP and EURES) for 3 days

The vacancy must include the employer’s name, a description of the job, the yearly salary, where the job will be located and the number of hours per week.

You must wait until the Labour Market Needs Test is finished before applying for your employment permit. The application must be made within 90 days of the job being advertised with the DSP and EURES.

How Midland Jobs can help with the Labour Market Needs Test

  1. We can organise advertisment in National newspaper for 3 days
  2. We can post advertisment in a Local newspaper for 3 days
  3. We can list advertisment on our Jobs Website for 30/60 days
  4. All applications can be routed through for candiate tracking convenience.
  5. We can provide documenatry evidence in a report showing that these steps have been taken (Optional).

All this covered in a single fee. Please contact us for details on this service.