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Did you know that you can use as your Company Careers Page?

Editing your own website can be a pain, especially if it's tricky to make changes or you need to get outside help. Unless you have a person capable of doing it within the organisation, generally it doesn't get done. When it comes to hiring , it means your website is not working for you. It's very possible that prospective employees could be viewing your website daily and not realise you have open positions.

We have a solution for this.

Instead of struggling to update your website, why not add a simple Careers link that directs job seekers to your very own company page on our site? This way, you can easily keep your job postings up to date and ensure that potential candidates are able to find and apply for your open positions. It's a win-win situation for both you and job seekers - so why not give it a try?

This provides several benefits:

  • You only need to add a link on your site, we do the rest - it's easy and we can help free of charge.*
  • Choice of direct link to an about-us careers page or vacancies page or both.
  • As you add or edit jobs you don't need to change your main site. This means the person in charge of HR is the only person needed to put your jobs live and linked directly from your main site.
  • We have an SEO backlink to your own site from ours by default so it works for both companies from the start.
  • As you are in full control of the content on, you can put links to as many relevant pages as you like, e.g. your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter feeds.
  • You can advertise your business - our free Careers page is essentially another site capable of promoting your business.
  • We have Social Media share buttons for your jobs so you only need to click a button to share your jobs on your Facebook
  • It's completely free and you can stop anytime without notice, there is absolutely no hidden gotchas.
  • Lastly and probably the best, Job Seekers can pre-register for job alerts for your company even before you have any. If you expect to have a job vacancy in a few months, set this up now and you could have interested parties ready to receive alerts as soon as you post a vacancy with us.

Why not give it a try, at worst you are generating SEO backlinks for your company!**

Why not boost your SEO with a Midland Jobs Careers Link?

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*If you are adventurous we can supply an RSS feed of your companies open positions which can be listed on your site directly. This may or may not be supported by your site.

** Note this offer is only open to Irish Companies based in the Midlands.