Midlandjobs.ie Affiliate Program

The MidlandJobs Affiliated partners program is a simple way for employers to boost their recruitment of locally based job candidates.  At the same time, all members can give a boost to the other members of the program by channelling viewings to opportunities listed through the Midlandjobs service.  



As a member, you can also earn credits through the program, which you can use to pay for your own job listings in the form of money off credits, or this can be claimed quarterly as cash, to help pay for that new printer for the office, or for a TV for the staff canteen, or just a night out for the team – or whatever way you want to spend it yourself.  


How does it work? 

Typically, the companies involved in the Program already have an established customer base in the Midlands. They are selling and marketing to local customers, be they commercial customers or directly to consumers, or both.  

Interested businesses who consider themselves eligible, can simply apply online for their Unique Midlandjobs Affiliate ID no. by clicking on this link and completing the online application.  


Exclusivity Period


Once ratified into the program, eligible businesses will be given a unique Affiliate number. Not only is this number used to calculate the credits due to you at the end of each quarter, but this same no. is also the discount code which any employer you are referring to us can use to save themselves up to 15% at our online checkout when they are purchasing their job-posts.  


The commission which can be earned per job starts at €10 per listing and is accumulated over the quarter and notified to you in a statement at the end of the period. 


T’s & C’s

Midlandjobs will contact Programme members to agree individual terms prior to commencement on the program. Typically however the terms will be as follows:

  • Members will agree to display a discrete notice at their business premises showing their Midlandjobs Affiliate no.
  • They will also opt for one or other or a combination of online display to their customers such as:
  1. Circulation of their Affiliation membership no. to their social media followers – the proper sized graphic will be provided by Midlandjobs.ie
  2. Make their Midlandjobs profile their careers page eg. see Serchek Career opportunities page link
  • They may also choose to put their membership logo into their email AutoSignature


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