Killucan Area Services CLG

Located near Mullingar, Killucan Area Services CLG is a community owned and managed centre, whose purpose is to provide a range of services based on community needs and to proactively pursue social inclusion for the members of the community. The services include Adult Education, Cairde Active Retirement, The Golden Years Club and Transport Bus Service.
The main objectives of Killucan Area Services CLG  are to enhance the wellbeing & health of older people through the our Cairde Active Retirement Group and our Golden Years Club which provides chiropody services and delivers actions which provide meaningful and relevant social, recreational and educational activities for beneficiaries. The service also provides a community transport service to clients of the Golden Years Club as well as a shopping bus service to Mullingar and Drop off & Collection shuttle service from school to a local creche. This social enterprise also delivers actions to support the educational & employment progression opportunities for adult learners as well as providing administrative support to local community organisations including the local community creche to meet their statutory obligations/ compliance and reporting requirements.