Wines Direct

Wines Direct, a family business in operation for over 30 years in Ireland, specializes in carefully curated wines sourced directly from small, independent vineyards. Led by brothers Gareth and Gavin Keogh, the company prioritizes creating an enjoyable and accessible wine experience for customers. With a focus on three fundamental values – Always Enjoyable, Always Easy, and Always Sharing – Wines Direct aims to make wine selection and appreciation a seamless journey for all enthusiasts.

The company offers a diverse selection of unique and world-class wines through monthly subscriptions, catering to both seasoned wine aficionados and curious beginners. Additionally, Wines Direct provides personalized services for weddings and parties, guiding customers in choosing the perfect sparkling wine for their special occasions. The retail team ensures a bespoke tasting experience and handles every aspect, from delivery to quantities, for a seamless event.

For those eager to enhance their wine knowledge, Wines Direct hosts themed tastings, inviting wine lovers to explore various flavors and aspects of winemaking. With locations in Mullingar and Athlone, Co. Westmeath, Wines Direct is dedicated to sharing the joy of delicious wines and creating memorable experiences for all.

Our wines are chosen with love, buying direct from small, independent vineyards. We love every single bottle we share. And we promise that you and people you share it with will love it too!