OCAE Consultants Ltd.

OCAE’s field trial research station is located at Ballinderry Farm, Enfield, Co. Meath. Replicated field trials are conducted to investigate the performance of organic fertilizers as part of husbandry regimes. A multi- disciplined project management team oversee the trials programme from field work to report dossier completion. Data from this research has been presented at national and international conferences.  OCAE has a strong commitment to communicate our research findings to support clients and farmers, and welcome contacts from other research organisations. OCAE currently conduct trials on behalf of Cre, Local Authories and industry.

Specialist research has been undertaken in other areas, namely the Bloodstock sector, and we are continually appraising research opportunities.

OCAE  also has the facility to conduct field trials on a contract basis for clients and have recently worked with WRAP and Cre (Irish Composting Association) in the preparation of technical dossiers for product accreditation.