Arra HRD

  • Arra HRD Limited, Castlelost West, Rochfortbridge, County Westmeath, Ireland

Human Resources Management Consultancy

Arra HRD Ltd was established on 17 December 2001.  The company takes its name from the Arra Mountains, which can be seen as you drive from Nenagh Co Tipperary to Killaloo Co Clare on the lake drive.  The Arra mountains are to the left of Portroe village and Lough Derg on the Shannon can be seen on the right. It was in Portroe Co Tipperary that Michael O’Sullivan the founder of Arra HRD Ltd was born.

The company was formed with a view to supporting businesses who wish to outsource Human Resource Management Activity.  Arra HRD Ltd provide training and consultancy services across a range of HR areas.  This website gives an outline of the main services offered by Arra HRD Ltd. Further information is available directly from the company.

Arra HRD Ltd provide the following services:
Third Party support to resolve Employment Dispute
Policies and Procedures to deal with Employment Matters
Contracts of Employment
Mediation and Organisation Development
Performance Coaching and Review
Works Committee
Employment Law Overview