Midlandjobs "Employer of Choice" Campaign - Explained


Hindsight is a wonderful thing.  It's always so easy for "experts" to be so much the wiser, after the fact. After the economic boom or bust has happened we always all wish we had acted faster and sooner. 

But what about if your company could get ahead of the curve in future-proofing your recruitment, long before all of your competitors started jumping on the band-wagon - how powerful would that be?

Imagine if you had warned your CEO back in 2015 to start setting the scene for hiring up, because staff shortages were sure to be a limiting factor on your business over the next 5 years.

The Midlandjobs "Employer of Choice" product is designed with  exactly this type of counter-cyclical balancing in mind.

Already in Autumn 2022, we are seeing some of the early signs of softening in the Irish employment market. I say "softening", rather than down-turn. This is because despite the return of the type of media lead doom-and-gloom narrative which characterised the early days of the 2008 financial crisis - there remains nevertheless, significant skills shortages, with employees' market conditions in many sectors. 

And so, while your company may for now, have stopped recruiting for 2022 already, you may nevertheless, still expect to have many job vacancies in the first 6 months of 2023.  


Midlandjobs message is therefore very clear - get your message out about your intention to soon hire again early and often. Leaving it until the month your requirements become urgent is a recipe for disappointment. We urge employers to by all means hope for the best - that you will be receive adequate cv's when you again push the button on your hiring. But you can (and possibly should) still expect the worst - the cv's may still not be there when you need them. 

Finally, don't be fooled by the negative jobs headlines. these days  It's entirely possible that the job losses in the Tech sector might have little effect on employees actually based in Ireland. Many of those losing out, could in fact be located overseas and might not have even returned after the pandemic. Yet even if there is a cohort of talent bursting out onto the jobs market over the coming months - this new availability of skills could even represent an opportunity for Midlands companies based so close to the Dublin region where some of the tech companies mentioned are located. But they may already have found opportunities by early Spring 2023. So now is the time to start getting the message out that you're company remains very much open for business.